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On this R-data statistics page, you will find information about the USstateAbbreviations data set which pertains to Standard abbreviations for states of the United States . The USstateAbbreviations data set is found in the Ecdat R package. You can load the USstateAbbreviations data set in R by issuing the following command at the console data("USstateAbbreviations"). This will load the data into a variable called USstateAbbreviations. If R says the USstateAbbreviations data set is not found, you can try installing the package by issuing this command install.packages("Ecdat") and then attempt to reload the data with the library() command. If you need to download R, you can go to the R project website. You can download a CSV (comma separated values) version of the USstateAbbreviations R data set. The size of this file is about 5,586 bytes.

Standard abbreviations for states of the United States


The object returned by readUSstateAbbreviations() on May 20, 2013.




A data.frame containing 10 different character vectors of names or codes for 76 different political entities including the United States, the 50 states within the US, plus the District of Columbia, US territories and other political designation, some of which are obsolete but are included for historical reference.


The standard name of the entity.


description of status, e.g., state / commonwealth vs. island, territory, military mail code, etc.

ISO, ANSI.letters, ANSI.digits, USPS, USCG, Old.GPO, AP, Other

Alternative abbreviations used per different standards. The most commonly used among these may be the 2-letter codes officially used by the US Postal Service (USPS).


This was read from the Wikipedia article on "List of U.S. state abbreviations"


the Wikipedia article on "List of U.S. state abbreviations"

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readUSstateAbbreviations showNonASCII grepNonStandardCharacters subNonStandardCharacters


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USstateAbb2 <- readUSstateAbbreviations()## End(Not run)

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