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Parag Magunia

Themer, Developer, Audiophile


Recent projects that are in progress or have been completed appear below. These are current as of March 2018 and include clients from a number of industries. For a more detailed description, see my PDF portfolio or resume. For new projects, feel free to contact me on Upwork.

Parag Magunia Linksbridge

Linksbridge SPC

Acquia Certified Drupal 7 Site Builder

Acquia Certified Drupal Builder

Parag Magunia NYGBS

NY Genealogical and Biographical Society

Parag Magunia Cirrus Medical Staffing

Cirrus Medical Staffing

Parag Magunia CBS 13 Alaska

CBS 13 Alaska

Parag Magunia Acquia Certified Drupal Developer in Philadelphia

Acquia Certified Drupal Developer

About Me

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During the day (and sometimes nights), Parag works as a remote Drupal developer. When he is not at the computer, he can be found meditating, enjoying tea, and following the sun as it makes its way to different rooms in the house. Outside his natural habitat, he can be spotted at the local Giant grocery store and various points of interest in Montgomery county, PA.