Skin n' Bones CMS

Skin n’ Bones CMS is a hobby project of mine. I wasn’t satisfied with the journaling software currently available. Either the existing software wasn’t free or aesthetics of the journal wasn’t polished enough.

Here are some features of Skin n’ Bones:

  • Dark mode support
  • Easy override of existing HTML
  • Automatic Table of Contents page generation and updates
  • Fonts optimized for legibility
  • Mobile support
  • Book version of journal entries (new)
  • Easier to customize (new)

Skin n’ Bones satisfies my need quite nicely, but it isn’t for everyone. You’ll need PHP on your computer and also some knowledge of HTML. There is also a basic shell script that creates journal entries using the filename convention programmed into Skin n’ Bones.

If you’re curious what the end produce looks like you can click the Journal link in the navigation section of this page. Free support is provided on Github.