North Penn Networks

2019 was a very good year thanks to two contracts that took place at the beginning and end of the year. Both were related to Drupal with some hints of AWS. I got to configure load balancers and also a large RDS MySQL instance. I signed non-disclosure agreements with my client's so I'm not able to mention their name though one of them was a large food service company based out of the midwest US and the other was for a travel sight that sees a lot of visitors.

As I'm currently a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I'm limiting the amount of work I do. You can find out more about my education on my Illinois blog post. It lists the mentions the Illinois MCS program which I'm enrolled in. I'm able to balance my work life and school life without much effort most of the time. I watch the lectures and do machine problems on the weekend.

You can find out more about North Penn Networks at it's website. North Penn Networks is my single member limited liability company I do work out of. I figure a LLC provides more liability protection than a sole proprietorship so on all my contracts I sign it with my company. I haven't run into any problems (knock on wood) but I try to be careful. At one point my company was insured through Hiscox. They provided some peace-of-mind for the travel agency site I was working on at a very reasonable rate - I think it was around $40 per month. I didn't have to see an agent and I did everything online. If you want to cancel, you do have to call their number. I got a pro-rated refund when I cancelled. I'm not affiliated with them but if you are looking for business liability protection I do recommend them.