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On this R-data statistics page, you will find information about the hills data set which pertains to Record Times in Scottish Hill Races. The hills data set is found in the MASS R package. You can load the hills data set in R by issuing the following command at the console data("hills"). This will load the data into a variable called hills. If R says the hills data set is not found, you can try installing the package by issuing this command install.packages("MASS") and then attempt to reload the data with the library() command. If you need to download R, you can go to the R project website. You can download a CSV (comma separated values) version of the hills R data set. The size of this file is about 883 bytes.

Record Times in Scottish Hill Races


The record times in 1984 for 35 Scottish hill races.




The components are:


distance in miles (on the map).


total height gained during the route, in feet.


record time in minutes.


A.C. Atkinson (1986) Comment: Aspects of diagnostic regression analysis. Statistical Science 1, 397–402.

[A.C. Atkinson (1988) Transformations unmasked. Technometrics 30, 311–318 “corrects” the time for Knock Hill from 78.65 to 18.65. It is unclear if this based on the original records.]


Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S. Fourth edition. Springer.

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Attachments: csv, json

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