Poverty and Education in Pennsylvania

It would seem that poverty and education are connected, but what does the data say? To understand this relationship, I took my survey data from Open Intro and focused on the following three variables for counties in Pennsylvania using only the D3 JavaScript library for data visualization. Please note that data for some counties were missing for 2019.

  1. Percent of the county population in poverty - poverty_2019
  2. Percent of the county with a bachelors degree - bachelors_2019
  3. Population of the county - pop_2019

The data seems to corroborate the negative relationship as most people would likely imagine. Take a closer look using the plots created below. Navigate to a different plot by clicking one of the buttons below. The first plot, a scatterplot, is loaded already with accompanying informational text directly below the plot.

D3 Code: narrative-1.js,narrative-2.js,narrative-3.js