Using iframes From This Site to Embed Datasets on Webpages

Picostat was a web application I created with Drupal 7/8/9. It had support for embedding datasets in webpages after they have been imported. I no longer maintain that project, but I transferred over the iframe functionality to You can see the code in a sample dataset page like the kmenta dataset. On that page you will find the iframe HTML code like this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" style="border:0px"></iframe>

Sharing the dataset with this method allows users to have an Excel-like view of the data table. Here is a screenshot of the kmenta dataset page:

Kmenta dataset on

If you copy the iframe code to your website, the embedded dataset would appear like this in webpages as displayed here:

You can do this for any of the datasets found on this site.